About Leave a Legacy

LEAVE A LEGACY® Mid-Willamette Valley is a community-wide program organized to promote interest in charitable planning through a will or from an estate. LEAVE A LEGACY® works hand-in-hand with nonprofit groups including social service and arts organizations, churches, hospitals, educational institutions and other philanthropic groups to encourage public support of philanthropic causes.

LEAVE A LEGACY® Mid-Willamette Valley does not solicit contributions, nor does it provide specific estate planning for individuals. Instead, it is a public service to promote the concepts of charitable estate planning. Donors are encouraged to seek out their favorite charities and professional advisors to discuss the donor’s specific requirements and plans. We do serve as a community resource and provide general public information on philanthropy. We sponsor activities designed to promote good estate planning through professional advisors and charitable organizations.


We are sponsored by the above organizations, and are affiliated with the Northwest Planned Giving Roundtable, the Partnership for Philantropic Planning, the Mid-Valley Development Professionals, Oregon Community Foundation, and the Willamette Valley Estate Planning Council.

  • Only 42% of adults have wills.
  • Only 15% of these listed a charitable gift in 1996, which means 82% of the nation's wealthiest left nothing to charity.
  • The portion donated to charity is dropping. In 1976, 21.8% was donated, but in 1992, only 6.3% was given to charity.
  • If only 20% of Americans left a charitable bequest, current donations would double.
  • Begin your legacy today.

I have children and relatives. Shouldn't I leave my entire estate to them?

This is perhaps the number one cause for reluctance about making a bequest. The truth is that, depending on the current tax laws, leaving a gift of charity in your will may reduce the estate tax burden on your heirs significantly. You should consult with a financial advisor or attorney to learn how giving may actually benefit your family after you're gone.